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Muley Crazy Volume IV "In Search of Giant Mule Deer"

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Just like the other great videos in the MuleyCrazy series, “In search of Giant Mule Deer” is taking hunting giant muleys to the extreme level. In this video we will take you to Northern Arizona in pursuit of North America’s toughest trophy, a 35-inch frame, 5x7 that grosses 219 B&C. The shed antlers found in this hunt are unreal. One pair of 9x10s that gross 232 and an incredible pair of 10x11 mule deer sheds that score 265 B&C and are over 40 inches wide.


MuleyCrazy volume VI “Trophy Mule Deer Overdose"

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We've done it again! In typical MuleyCrazy fashion we have outdone ourselves once again with our latest, most electrifying release.... MuleyCrazy VI "Trophy Mule Deer Overdose" Enjoy in the excitement and watch as hunter Dan Friedkin takes two B&C non-typicals, during the same year. You'll witness history in the making as Dan takes the largest mule deer buck to ever come from the Arizona strip... an unreal 295-inch giant!


MuleyCrazy Trilogy - Volumes I, II, & III

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We have taken the most amazing mule deer videos ever assembled, MuleyCrazy Volumes I, II, & III and combined them into one incredible dvd…MuleyCrazy Trilogy! This dvd will show you more unreal and up-close encounters with monster mule deer than any other on the market. You’ll witness the most amazing kill shot ever filmed––showing a 140 grain 7mm bullet going 3,200 fps as it hammers a 30-inch wide, 6x9 giant!


Gettin' Lucky on the Strip

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Alan LuckyGetting’ Lucky on The Strip

by Alan Hamberlin

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God's Country

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Alicia CO Muzz

God's Country

Alicia Hatch (as told by Ryan Hatch)


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MuleyCrazy Volume VII "Breakin 300"

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MuleyCrazy is proud to announce the newest addition to their world-renowned DVD series…MuleyCrazy VII – “Breakin’ 300”! This DVD is $19.95 plus $6.95 (Shipping/Handling). As with all MuleyCrazy videos, “Breakin’ 300” is loaded with some of the most incredible footage of some of the most incredible bucks that have ever roamed the hills. Follow Ryan Hatch and the MuleyCrazy Crew as they take you to Arizona, New Mexico, Old Mexico, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado in pursuit of the largest bucks to have ever been harvested!


MuleyCrazy for Ocho

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ocho 400

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That Just Happened!

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That Just Happened!

Marla Jennings (as told by Josh Jennings)

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Something Special

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Roy Trawick

Something Special

by Roy Trawick

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From Zero to Hero!

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From Zero to Hero!

By Garth Jenson

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MuleyCrazy Volume V “Nuts About Bucks”

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MuleyCrazy video have continually revolutionized the mule deer video industry. You have seen the excitement of MuleyCrazy 1-2. Now theres' more! Nuts About Bucks, thats exactly what the fifth in the series is all about! You'll see the largest official B&C non-typical ever harvested on film, a monster 17X22 grossing 283 inches! We'll show you live footage of a giant muley with an estimated gross score of more that 260 inches, as well as several more bucks you have to see to believe!


MuleyCrazy - Legend of the Strip

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The very name of the Arizona Strip quickly brings to mind monster mule deer the likes of which we all dream of. Never has there been a single area that has intrigued hunters world-wide in their quest for a giant of their own. In the fall of 2004, MuleyCrazy was able to find, pursue, and harvest the largest buck to have ever been produced by this legendary mule deer hideaway! The amount of phenomenal footage we were able to capture of this one-in-a-million buck warranted us producing our first ever Special Release.


Arizona Strip Success

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Mark Warrington

Arizona Strip Success

by Mark Warrington

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Save 25_LaVoy

MuleyCrazy Magazine is the only publication dedicated entirely to Mule Deer.

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